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Customized modern simple design double opening wrought iron door with switchable privacy glass

Simple design wrought iron door is designed by simple grill designs with transparent or privacy glass.
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    Black / Privacy glass
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    15-25 days
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Products Description

Customized modern simple design double opening wrought iron door with switchable privacy glass

Simple design wrought iron door is commonly used in house exterior and interior partition place. It is made by simple grill lines design and some special glass together. This iron door sample is specialized on the smart switchable privacy glass, when powered on the door can change the glass from transparent to privacy or interchangeable. In this way it not only increasing the door privacy but also improve the practically of the door. It is usually used in places that are public, but some privacy is required at right moment.

Name: Simple design wrought iron door
Standard size: 6 ft *8 ft  (Customized size provide)
Color: Black
Surface treatment: Hot-dipped galvanized, Powder-coated
Opening direction: Inward / Outward / Left / Right
Lock set: Manual lock
Galvanized hinge: Visible
Hardware: Hinges, Lock bolt, Lock system
Features: Anti-corrosion / Anti-rust / Durable / Weather resistance
Glass: Switchable privacy glass

Product Structure

simple design wrought iron door

Product Features

GRANDSEA GSD-WI-52 simple wrought iron door details:

wrought iron door with glass

Smart switchable privacy glass

Assemble the switchable privacy glass rather    

than the ordinary glass, improve the privacy of

the door

Customized 304 stainless steel handle

According to customer requirements customized   

the material, design and color of the handles

modern wrought iron door

customized wrought iron door

Excellent surface painting treatment

The painting finished on the door surface with

flat and smoothly, before the painting we do     

the zinc galvanized to prevent rust 

High quality lock system


As a front entry door, the door lock system must be in high security and quality

double wrought iron door


As is well-know the wrought iron door manufacture process is grand and complicated, it is a test of the ability and strength of a factory. Firstly, we will customize CAD drawings according to the specific requirements. When it is confirmed, we start cutting the material and assembled, the process will be investing time and asking for high human skills. Then the door goes to polish and zinc spray for anti-rust before it is getting paint, and the painting could go several times when all the things perfect. The last step is go assembled with door frame and debugging.

iron door with glass

About Us

GRANDSEA is specialized on manufacturer customized different types of windows and doors. After the development of more than decade, we have established a full and sound production and sales management system. More than 50 workers are produced your goods in the factory and more than 50 sales reps and designer are working in the office building to provide your fantastic order service.

double opening iron doorsimple design wrought iron door

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