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Latest plan and adjustment for GRANDSEA Mar 19,2022
Dear customers and friends,

With exaggerated company scale and the increase of customer demands, our company invested in a furniture manufacturing manufacturer in the last year. So we add a new product supply chain, also a new brand, that is PLANET kitchen cabinet co., LTD. This company's main products are customized kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom vanities and other kinds of cabinets. The company's web site is www.cnplanetcabinetry.com, welcome to your inquiry.

PLANET kitchen cabinet co., LTD

In addition to the PLANET brand, we have also added a one-stop home building materials brand, LEMON Building Materials Co., LTD. Its functions and services are mainly for the needs of one-stop building materials procurement suppliers. Its website is not online yet, but under actively preparing. As a comprehensive brand, it provides products not only windows and doors, cabinets, but also roofing and flooring, also the other kinds of products and services needed for building contractors.

LEMON Building Materials Co., LTD.

Thank you very much for your long-term support to GRANDSEA Windows and Doors, and we hope you can also support our new brand and new products, thank you!

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