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  • Loading 20 FT to Saudi Arabia
    Loading 20 FT to Saudi Arabia January 12,2022.
    Recently, we loaded a 20 FT container to Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East is also our key sales area. We sold many aluminum doors, aluminum windows and steel doors to many Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Qatar and so on. Now, due to the impact of the epidemic, many customers cannot come to China to arrange their containers. But we can provide free storage and loading services for them. If you are interested can consult our sales representatives for more details. Now the Chinese New Year holiday is getting closer and closer, the production and shipment of many products have been arranged after the annual holiday. We are kindly remind our customers to pay more attention to the ordering schedule. We also look forward our customers to receiving the goods safely as soon as possible and providing more feedback to us !
  • New arrival for cast aluminum gate
    New arrival for cast aluminum gate December 21,2021.
    Recently, we have put some new products on the shelves, among which the most popular is the cast aluminum gate. We will also put this product on the official website in the near future, looking forward to meeting you soon. The cast aluminum gate is generally used for the outdoor courtyard gate of the house, which is very suitable for the decoration of private mansions. The gate produced by human hand so it is very delicate and unique, also very suitable for everyone to choose it as the courtyard door.
  • Loading 40 HQ to British Virgin Islands
    Loading 40 HQ to British Virgin Islands November 27,2021.
    Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day in the American time zone. Here are some belated Thanksgiving wishes for you all. All our staff are still working as usual, and the container loader has loaded a 40-foot container to the British Virgin Islands. Our customer mainly bought some aluminum windows and aluminum alloy rolling garage doors for himself factory house decoration, looking forward to the customer’s feedback after receiving and installing the goods. As the annual China Spring Festival is approaching, our production department is working overtime to carry out production so that customers can receive the goods before the holiday. Our customers who are expected to place orders can arrange procurement matters as soon as possible so not to delay the delivery time. Again, we wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving !
  • The unstable price fluctuation of aluminum ingot
    The unstable price fluctuation of aluminum ingot October 27,2021.
    As the main material of doors and windows - aluminum ingot, the recent price trend is very unstable, sometimes soaring and sometimes plummeting, for our recent storage of raw materials have great pressure and risk. According to experts, the recent aluminum market is mainly affected by capacity constraints and market demand. The rising cost and price of electrolytic aluminum industry chain push up the aluminum price to a certain extent. In addition, the market demand for aluminum ingot material increases in automobile and steel structure industry, which leads to the unstable price of aluminum ingot. At the same time, experts also indicated that in the end of this year or the first half of next year, when the supply and demand market stabilizes, aluminum ingot prices should be more stable. As the main materials of our aluminum doors, aluminum windows and cast aluminum doors have a great need for aluminum materials, we hope that the market price can be stable as soon as possible and more conducive to customer procurement.
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