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Shipping prices continue to fall and the devaluation of RMB, foreign trade meet the good opportunity! Jul 11,2022

Three years after the epidemic, the long-term high sea freight has been eroding the profits of cross-border sellers. But from the beginning of the second quarter of this year, sea freight apparent downward trend. The price of Matson limited-time express, for example, has fallen to 15 RMB per kg, down from nearly 30 RMB at its peak last year. The west America freight rate drops from around 13,000 dollars before the Spring Festival to 7,000 dollars!

Whether it is a big seller or small sellers, can feel the freight price drop brought profit improvement. Judging from the epidemic situation at home and abroad and port operation, sea freight rates may continue to be lowered in the second half of 2022. In addition, the devaluation of RMB has also enhanced the purchasing power of overseas buyers and expanded the scope of trade.

Although the global economic situation is not good recently, the decline of shipping prices and the devaluation of RMB provide more trade opportunities for exporters. At the same time, it is necessary to improve its competitive strength and product autonomy, so as to better face the complex trade situation changes.
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