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The unstable price fluctuation of aluminum ingot Oct 27,2021
As the main material of doors and windows - aluminum ingot, the recent price trend is very unstable, sometimes soaring and sometimes plummeting, for our recent storage of raw materials have great pressure and risk.

According to experts, the recent aluminum market is mainly affected by capacity constraints and market demand. The rising cost and price of electrolytic aluminum industry chain push up the aluminum price to a certain extent. In addition, the market demand for aluminum ingot material increases in automobile and steel structure industry, which leads to the unstable price of aluminum ingot.

Aluminum doors

At the same time, experts also indicated that in the end of this year or the first half of next year, when the supply and demand market stabilizes, aluminum ingot prices should be more stable. As the main materials of our aluminum doors, aluminum windows and cast aluminum doors have a great need for aluminum materials, we hope that the market price can be stable as soon as possible and more conducive to customer procurement.
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