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Garage door composition and overview
Oct 19 , 2021

Typically, most people will buy one or two garage doors when they own a home. When you need to replace existing garage doors or carry out repairs, it is necessary to master the basic knowledge of garage doors. This will help you make the right decision when buying a new garage door or repairing an existing one.

aluminum garage doors

About the garage door itself, you should pay attention to some important matters:

Garage doors are divided into two types of heat insulation and non-heat insulation, and heat insulation garage doors are more suitable for cold climates. Insulation heat uses an R-value to measure its effectiveness against cold, and a higher rated R-value means better insulation. For example, an R-6 insulated garage door has a thinner insulation layer than R-8.

Garage doors can be made from aluminum, galvanized steel, wood, PVC and fiberglass, and some designs include glazing windows. The most common type of garage door is the aluminum sectional doors, which roll up on the top and normally divides into four sections to working.

garage doors

Garage door weather strip

Weatherstripping plays an important role in the use of garage doors. It helps prevent rain, snow and cold air from entering the garage. Weatherstripping shall be installed between each door section. The door shall also have a bottom weatherproof seal to ensure that there is no clearance at the bottom when the garage door is closed. In addition, the garage door frame should also be installed around the weather strip.

heat insulation garage doors

Garage door hardware accessories

Garage door hardware is a source of confusion for many homeowners. There are many parts that work together to ensure the garage door is easier to open and close, and hardware accessories include:

Hinges: Hinges should be double hinges as they help support the weight of the door when it opens. The hinge keeps the door panel section in place when it opens and closes.

garage doors

Torsion spring: Garage doors can be easily opened and closed with one hand using a counterweight system. A torsion spring is part of the system, usually located above the door, and looks like a giant spiral spring. Some doors also use an auxiliary torsion spring on the door track, which is more common on heavier doors.

aluminum garage doors

Lifting cables: These cables are attached to the torsion spring system and help open and close the door.

Door track: A door track is a passageway that allows a door to open horizontally or vertically.

Door rollers: Door rollers are small wheels that roll inside the door track as the door opens and closes. If you want the door to open and close more quietly, nylon rollers are better than galvanized steel rollers.

aluminum garage doors

After understanding these components of garage doors, I believe it can help you when buying a new garage door or replacing an old garage door.
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