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The 5 common house window types used by constructor
Aug 06 , 2022
In the house decoration, a special and useful window design can become the scenery line in the house building, bring more different sense of design. so which kind of window designs we are common using? Today we sorted out five main kinds of windows, let us check their characteristic and advantage together!

Casement window

Casement window refers to the hinge installed in the sash side connected with the window frame, according to the outward or inward opening, this kind of window is divided into external casement window and internal casement window. The characteristic of this kind of window is simple structure, smart open, easy to clear, and sealing performance is better when closing. It is the most common window which used in house building.

casement window

This kind of window is often found in American-style homes. The disadvantage is when open the outside opening window need to occupy a space of outside wall, and it is easy to damage when blowing strong wind. And if the window opening inside should occupy internal partial space. For the big size window, will be need high quality accessory which has stronger bearing performance. Even worse if the casement window sealing performance is not good, it is easy to leak air and rain, infiltration of indoor walls.

Tilt turn window

It is a kind of window that can open 90 degrees to the indoor vertical direction also can open a small angle of ventilation to the indoor horizontal direction. It is use extensively in Europe, distinguish at American type window and casement window.

tilt turn window

There are many advantages of the tilt turn window:

1: Ventilation. Because when it is inside opening same way like the casement window, the room can naturally circulate with the fresh air. Also when it is keep the tilt and hopper position eliminate rainwater entering the room. The fresh air still can creates a comfortable living environment when raining.

2: Security. The linkage hardware arranged around the sash and the various functions of the handle can only operate indoor. Even when it is keep in tilt and hopper situation, the inside switch handle still cannot be touched from outside. Therefore, its anti-theft performance is excellent in many types of window.

3 : Easy to clean. Simple operation of the linkage handle can turn the sash outside to the interior.  It makes it convenient and safe to clean the outer surface of window.

4:Good sealing and heat insulation performance. Generally, tilt turn window adopted good thermal break aluminum materials, and multiple points are locked around the sash to ensure the sealing and thermal insulation effects.

Casement and top hung window

The casement and top hung window we normally use in the house it is the combination of outward top hung window with left or right casement window.

casement and top hung window

The hinges of the top hung window normally installed on the top side of the windows and the opening direction to the outward. But the hinges of the casement and top hung window were installed the left or right side of the window, it is can both achieve casement opening and top hung opening. The hardware accessories installed four side of the whole window, not easy to open from the outside so it is have good burglar proof function.

Applicable place: casement and top hung window is often used for low floor building, attic, sun room and so on.

Bay window

bay window

Bay window is mean a window projecting out of a building. “Bay window” is also called an oriel, or oriel window. Because this kind of window protrudes (or floats out) to the outside in the plane form, so it is named. Popular bay windows mainly have trapezoid, rectangle and circular arc in plane form, while in window sill form, it is divided into low window sill bay window and french bay window.

Corner window

Corner window namely the window of corner in the house, also mean the large area window that points to setting in the building corner. It is have good visual field, can be used to appreciate the exterior scenes.

The key difference of corner window and common fixed window it is the edge of corner window not only has one side, sometimes have two sides, moreover has three sides or four sides. The “L” corner window has the 3D feelings better than the common windows. Although it is only one more side, no matter the day lighting or dimensional vision will be open and sufficient. The corner not only endows the building facade with modern aesthetic feeling, but also improves the style of space design and layout.

corner window

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