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How can take off the film on the stainless steel doors ?
Sep 29 , 2021
We know that in general the protective film on the newly purchased stainless steel door is usually used to protect the door from being scratched during handling. Once the door installed, when is the right time to remove the film and how can we do it easy?

When the stainless steel door is installed, in fact, the surface of the protective film can be immediately take off, the longest time should not be more than a month, if the sun light is particularly strong as soon as possible to remove the best. Because the main role of the protective film is to protect the SS 304 stainless steel door in the installation process is not scratched, the function of the protective film after installation has been used can be removed at once, otherwise the time is too long it will lead to difficult to remove or even unable to remove.

stainless steel door

When we're ready to remove the protective film first slowly uncover a seam, and then rub oil into the seam ( can be cooking oil or lubricating oil ), after a few seconds to tear down in one direction, repeat the above steps, you can tear off successfully. And the oil on the stainless steel door surface can be wiped off after the all the film removed.

Many customers when finished installed did not tear off the protective film at once. After longtime with summer exposure to the sun, the glue on the protective film paper and stainless steel door surface material stick together make it more difficult to separate!

SS 304 stainless steel door

If it is a large protective film, you can use a towel and boiled water for a while, and then tear. If it is very serious, you can use a hair dryer to blow the protective film with hot air, blow the glue to melt, gently tear it off. In addition, on the residual glue, continue to blow with a hair dryer, and then use plastic film to stick down the residual glue. Finally, wash it with water to make it more clean.

Another method of removal is to use chemical agents ( like thinner, acetone ) , but this may damage the color of the door surface and is not recommended unless it is applied to a small area of protective film that cannot be removed. Wear gloves when using chemicals, and protect your eyes and face from skin damage. After removing the protective film on the surface of the door, clean the surface of the door with clean water in time to avoid long-term residue of chemical potion on the door.

double stainless steel door

Although stainless steel door is not easy to rust and durable, but we use it as the door to maintain it to extend its service life and improve its use function.
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