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Bright color, noble and elegant - stainless steel door
Aug 02 , 2021

As the waterproof and anti-theft requirement of house main door, stainless steel door become more popular than wooden door. And there are a lot of color choices for stainless steel door appeared in the field of vision of people.

304 stainless steel door

1: Stainless steel door features

Because its colour and lustre is bright, noble and refined, stainless steel door is easy to match with surrounding environment and more accord with aesthetic taste. Also the stainless steel material has a lot of advantages such as not easy rust, strong and hard quality, make it is loved by customers.

Under the continuous reform and innovation, stainless steel door through the processing of raw materials to the surface art innovation. It is contribute stainless steel door take on a new look, not only beautiful appearance, also a high visual effect at the same time.

2: Stainless steel door style

stainless steel door

A: Single door

Single open door is flat open door, it is point to hinge installed in the one side of the door, inward (left open, right open) or outward open (left open, right open) door. It is composed of door cover, hinge, door leaf, lock, etc.

B: Double door

Double stainless steel door is means the two door leaf can both swing to one direction to open it. This kind of door is very common in life.

C: One and half door

The one and half door is a special kind of double door, composed of a narrower width of the door and a wider door, the overall door is more balance and functional.

double stainless steel door

3: The price of stainless steel door

Because of the price of different stainless steel material, the door price is also different.

Common stainless steel doors are made of 201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel. The price difference between the two kinds of steel doors is a lot and the anti rust function also different. If you required for the good anti rust quality should go with 304 material, otherwise can go for more economical 201 quality. The price of customized stainless steel door is calculated by door square meter, or if have any special design on it.
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