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Wooden door choosing guidance, worth a look!
Dec 25 , 2020

In the house is decorated, a lot of people usually ignore the choice of wooden door, but actually, wooden door is the one big point that cannot ignore in house decorations. Wooden door has linked every small detail to be closely together.

wooden door

Check the weight

The majority of high grade wooden door is overweight. Such wooden door is more massive, intensity and impact resistance are also better. So as to the sound insulation effect also can be effective.

Look at the appearance

Good wooden door has a very good surface painting treatment. Inferior wood door is withered and obscure, has a lot of dew lacquer, bubble, pinhole, ripple, particle. The main reason is the inferior wooden door have poor paint quality, or craft equipment does not passed. Another reason is the wooden skin flaw that chooses is much, so they reduce the transparency of coating, in order to conceal the flaw such as the hole, decaying, change color, crack. So we suggest our customers to chooses wooden door in shop, touch the door surface and feel the hand whether exquisite, smooth.

wooden door design

Environmental performance

Low price wooden door of small factory is in production process for cost consideration, those who use is the lumber of low grade, paint, adhesive, such wooden door formaldehyde content cannot assure at all.


High quality wooden door, the choice of raw material is very strict. The surface need flat and straight, then the appearance after installation is perfect. Inferior wood door uses could have the possibility of deformation after longtime using. After installing complete, even can see clearly wooden door and door frame cannot be aligned.

high quality wooden door

Look at the hardware
When you choose and buy the wooden door, must to try the hardware such as lock, hinge, to feel its flexibility and convenience when switch and close it.

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