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wrought iron door
Add a glass door on iron art door, ventilation and day-lighting !
Aug 07 , 2021

When I was ready to change a new door, but didn't know what kind of door to choose. Unexpectedly, my neighbor was too enthusiastic and insisted that I add a glass door to the wrought iron door, as shown in the picture:

wrought iron door with glass door

Why the iron door add a separate glass door ? Compared the ordinary door there is a lot of advantages:

First of all, from the ventilation and anti-theft functions. Open a window on the wrought iron door will affect the service life and the anti-theft coefficient. Perhaps installed the fixed glass window directly installed on the iron door panel, the window then cannot move and be ventilated.

So on the premise of not affecting the structure of the door body, plus glass door alone, a door divided into two doors. Open the individual glass door directly when ventilation, outside the hollow iron door for anti-theft. So that even if the door is closed, the whole home is chilly, not to worry about the outside people into the home.

wrought iron door

Secondly, in terms of day-lighting and beautiful. For the house that need light during the day this kind of iron door with glass door is most suitable. Inside the glass door can directly introduce outdoor light source to the home, lighting is not worried. And outside the iron door appearance in high level, can be made in a variety of styles.

The kind neighbor also said that there are two ways to design glass doors on iron doors:

Integral installation

The glass door is designed to be the same size as the iron door, two doors can be used separately. It is very suitable to the house which have high demand for lighting and ventilation.

wrought iron door

Partial installation

The glass door can be in the middle of iron door, or both sides of the door. The glass board on installation alone, can open them all at same time. This allows for very flexible use and does not take up space when opening the glass door.

If there is a high demand for privacy, these two kinds of installation can choose frosted glass, It is does not delay the lighting. And also you can mosquito net inside for anti bugs.

wrought iron door with mesh

Nowadays more and more people chose this kind of wrought iron door for the house main doors. No need worry about the ventilation and lighting issues. If you also want to improve the house ventilation, you can also try install this wrought iron door with glass door at home.
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