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wrought iron door
Iron door is an art !
Apr 16 , 2021

Iron door, also known as iron gate and courtyard door, is often used in some high-grade housing construction of a type of door material, known as the art of architectural decoration. But why can iron gate be called an architectural art? Today we will take you to understand the knowledge of the iron door !

wrought iron door

1: The development of iron door

The Iron door first appeared in the Baroque period in the early 17th century, and its production and processing technology has a history of more than 2,000 years. Because of its unique and beautiful style, it was used as an architectural decorative art at the beginning of its appearance. Since then, it has been accompanied by the development of European architectural decoration art, with its simple, elegant, rough artistic style and brilliant history, and has been handed down till now.

2: The iron door material and processing

Its material is divided into high and middle grade two kinds. High-grade material using national standard Q-235A steel, welding process is the use of carbon dioxide gas protection welding. It has the characteristics of uniform welding spot, strong air tightness and good firmness. The surface treatment is processed by hot dip galvanizing.

The non-standard Q-220B grade steel is used as the medium material, and manual electric welding technology is adopted as the welding process. The surface treatment can be hot-dip galvanizing anti-rust treatment of the product according to customer requirements. Paint can be sprayed, baking paint and other surface treatment, so that the surface paint for a long time does not fade. By combining the practicality and artistry of the products, each product is distinguished and extraordinary.

3: The classification of wrought iron doors

Iron work can be divided into cast iron and forging. Cast iron is molded, the surface is rough, forging iron is made of professional iron materials. Judging from the style, it is generally divided into ancient models and modern models. The ancient typical generally uses complex patterns, the use of thick materials, color is also generally used in archaic color, belongs to the soft type. The modern type is relatively simple, and the materials used will also choose relatively small square tube, which is mainly reflects the features of simplification and full of modern beauty.

wrought iron gate

Structurally, there are two kinds of words:

One is railing transparent type. The main approach is to make the frame of the gate with the larger size square tube, and then use the iron fittings to join together and inlay directly in the frame. The performance of this kind of door that connects fully type is more beautiful, and the material using amount is less. It is very suitable to do the door with larger size, for example the gate of the village, villa garden door.

Another kind is solid door panel type. Main practice is to make gate frame with square tube, use iron plate to make bottom next, make the whole door solid. Then use iron art fitting to join together to decorative in iron plate and frame. The performance of this kind of solid door tends to practical, safety, but material using amount is more. It is suitable to do the door of small size mainly, for example house entry door, residential main door.
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