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wrought iron door
How to maintain the wrought iron door ?
Aug 07 , 2020
1: Avoid the bumping

This is the first thing to notice after the purchase of wrought iron door, wrought iron door should be handled with care. The place that set wrought iron door should be the safe place that not encounter the hard thing infrequently, once the place is chosen, should not change frequently. The wall should be keep flat when install the door, make the door installation steady and stable. If it is shake longer can make the door slight deformation then affect the service life of it.

wrought iron door

2: Away from the acid and alkali

The acid and alkali is the “number one killer” make the wrought iron front door corrosion. The door if accidentally stained, should immediately use water to clean the dirt, then dry cotton cloth wipe.

3: Dust removal regularly

Most wrought iron entry doors are use in the outdoor, the environment is fully with dust. After longtime the doors will fall on a lot of dust, not only will affect the color of the door, but also will destroy their protective coating. Therefore, you should regularly wipe the dust on the door with a soft cotton cloth. For the depression on the wrought iron door and the dust in the embossed decoration, it is best to use a fine and soft wool brush to dust.

wrought iron front door

4: Isolated from wet

Wrought iron door should be installed in the ventilation place. Wet can make metal appears prematurely rust, chrome-plated generation takes off film to wait, affect the use of the door. In case of heavy fog, wipe the beads of water on the wrought iron with a dry cotton cloth. On rainy days, dry the water in time after the rain stops.

5: Remove rust

If the wrought iron door already get rust, don’t take the liberty of sanding it with sandpaper. The rust is smaller and shallower, available cotton yarn dipped in oil coating at the rust, after a while, wipe with cloth can eliminate the rust. If the rust has expanded and become heavier, please ask the relevant technical personnel to repair.

wrought iron entry doors

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