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Why need choose thermal break aluminum material for windows and doors ?
Sep 23 , 2020

Thermal break aluminum windows and doors adopts the thermal break insulated profile and double hollow glass. This kind of aluminum windows and doors have the functions of energy saving, heat and sound insulation, dust proof and waterproof.

thermal break aluminum windows doors

The heat conduction coefficient K value of thermal break aluminum windows and doors is below 3W/㎡·K, which can reduce heat loss by half compared with ordinary windows and doors. Also can reduce heating cost by about 30%, sound insulation volume up to more than 29 decibels. Meeting both good water tightness and air tightness, all of which meet the first class window standard.

Thermal break insulated aluminum window and door is an improved model based on the old aluminum material in order to improve the thermal insulation performance of windows and doors.

heat and sound insulation windows doors

The quality of middle reinforced nylon spacer directly affect the durability of aluminum windows and doors. The principle of the thermal break aluminum window and door is to put the heat insulation strip in the middle of the aluminum profile and break it to form the bridge, which effectively prevents the heat conduction.

Analysis on the advantage of aluminum alloy window of thermal insulation broken bridge

1.High strength, good heat preservation and insulation;
2.Good rigidity, good fire resistance, large day lighting area;
3.Good atmospheric corrosion resistance, high comprehensive performance, long service life

4.Good decorative effect, is the first choice for high-grade building windows and doors.

energy-saving windows doors

In terms of thermal insulation and sealing performance, the new energy-saving thermal break aluminum window is leading the fashion. This profile adopts double-strip technology, and uses enhanced nylon to isolate the inside and outside of the aluminum window frame, so as to communicate the internal and external energy. In addition to this, the wall thickness of aluminium alloy also key point. General window and door is normally in 1.4mm, the wall thickness of high-grade energy-saving thermal break aluminum window and door can reach 1.8mm ~ 2.0mm, make winter more warm, summer more energy saving.
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