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Four main types of the security doors
May 19 , 2020
Security doors are basically divided into 4 kinds: steel door, steel wood armoured door, stainless steel door and copper door. They have their own advantages in material and performance, so the price also variety.

1: Steel security doors

Most security doors in the market are steel security doors. This kind of door is economical and reasonable. It has ultra high cost performance, stable and durable. Although this kind of security door is very popular, it lies in appearance line is hard. It is a little hard to blend in with modern interior decorations.

steel security doors

2: Steel wood armoured security doors

In addition to the steel doors, there is also have a kind of steel wood armoured door better match on interior decorations. This door has very nice appearance, manufacturer can use different colors, lines and designs to be in harmony with interior decorations according to customers’ requirements. With those advantages, so its price also much higher than normal steel doors.

steel wood armoured security doors

3: Stainless steel security doors

If you want pursue the safety, the stainless steel security doors are good choice. It is strong and durable, high security, have a lot of color choices, but have the disadvantage of single appearance.

stainless steel security doors

4: Copper security doors

If for personal house villa, you can choose the copper security doors. The appearance level of this kind of door and it is the design are very advanced, also good in burglar proof. In addition, it can also prevent fire, corrosion, anti-pry, dust and voyeurism. However, such a good product, but the dosage is very low. The reason is the copper door price is too high, the basic price in the market is more than several thousand dollars !

copper security doors

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