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How to judge if it is solid wood door
May 07 , 2020

Solid wood door is means the door inside and outside made by same or similar material, With the characteristics of environmental material. Solid wood door is a kind of healthy building material, many customers are choose it for house main door, entrance wooden door, room door.

solid wood door


Due to freight and cost, the real solid wood door price is general high. Customers need brush the eyes when they are tempted by low prices.


As a result of solid wood door made by one kind of timber material or similar timber material, the weight is general heavy than normal wood door. Customers can weigh it before installation.

house main door

3.Wooden grain

Real solid wood door surface wood grain is natural and fluent, but the counterfeit wood door often use wooden grain sticker to do it. Customer can check careful on the surface wooden grain, if it is appear splice, equal or repeat wooden grain, this kind of wood door is not the real solid wood door.


Because of needing to install lock, general wooden doors will reserve the keyhole. You can look through the keyhole to see whether the wood is consistent or another kind of filler. But a few clever manufacturer will use real wood to do keyhole material. Customer should through more aspects to identify.

entrance wooden door


Customer can knock your hands on different place of the wooden door, if the timbre is uneven even hollow, that is not solid wood door for certain.

Wood doors are made by different wood material and nice craving designs. It is good material use for main entrance door, internal door, balcony door.For more wood door products,contact us today.

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