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What is the advantages of aluminum garage door ?
Apr 28 , 2020

What is the advantages of aluminum garage door ?

Aluminum garage door is a kind of remote control garage door, it is a door product that made for the garage. Let’ s talk about the advantages of the aluminum garage door.

aluminum garage door

Solid and durable

The first is the durability. Because it is made by aluminum material, good play on anti-rust and anti-corrosion. And it is filled PU foam inside good on heat and sound insulation.

Automatic protection

The second is its automatic protection function. If it is encounter an obstacle while closing, the door will automatically return. If the door is blocked when opening, it is will stop automatically at once.

remote control garage door

Portable operation

Relying on the operation of the balance system, the drive and roller performance is good. So the door is very light when running.

Automatic control

Because of the digital control technology adoption, the use of remote control can make the door safe to open or close.

insulated garage door

Complete function

Finally its the complete function. The aluminum garage door can be opened and closed by pressing the button to control the garage door. When parking, there is emergency lock outside the garage to ensure the low noise and service life. 

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