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What is the advantage and disadvantage of the aluminum hinged door
Apr 17 , 2020

What is aluminum hinged door ? Aluminum hinged door is the door type that use a wide range now. It is means the door that hinges installed at one side of door leaf, then the door open inside and outside. It is composed of door frame , hinges and door leaf etc. Do you know its classifications, advantages and disadvantages ?

aluminum hinged door

Classification of aluminum hinged door ?

According to the number of door panels, the aluminum hinged door can be divided in to single hinged door and double hinged door. Single hinged door only has one panel and one side fitted with hinges then another side to open. The double hinged door has two panels and each panels have fitted with hinges then swing to opening.

According to the opening direction the door can be divided into one-way opening door and two-way opening door.

single aluminum hinged door

Advantages of aluminum hinged door

1: High security
Aluminum hinged door is more security than other kind of doors. The hinged door can be installed security lock, and it is manufactured by hard material. Also it is very economical for average family.

2: Little noise
When open and close the noise is small, and not occupy the both sides of the wall.

3:Long time service life and good sealing
Hinged door is durable, and good heat and sound insulation performance, also dust proof. It is suitable for a variety of high, medium, low grade decorative doors.

double aluminum hinged door

Disadvantages of aluminum hinged door

1: Big vibration
For thin partition material, swing door is more vibration for the partition when opening.

2: Low space utilization
The aluminum hinged door opening need occupy a lot of space. For small room, the interior opening swing door will take more space.

3: Single design style
The design and style is less choice than other types of door.

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