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Different styles of kitchen sliding door
Apr 03 , 2020

Kitchen door is an important role in the modern house. Because the kitchen needs a bright open space, so many people will choose aluminum glass sliding door as the main choice.

1.Simple black framed sliding door

Black framed glass kitchen sliding door should be a common kind of collocation. And this kind of sliding door mainly use aluminum material more durable, it would be the first choice for most family decoration.

kitchen sliding door

black aluminum sliding door

2.White color framed sliding door

Compare to the kind of young and rigid texture of black color, the white sliding door appears more elegant and dignified simple sense. It is more suit for the gorgeous and generous decoration style.

aluminum sliding door

3.Other colors sliding door

Besides the sliding door of black and white color frame, there is a lot of color choice for the kitchen sliding door. You can choose the design according to actual decoration style.

For example the wooden grain color sliding door also perfect match kitchen decoration.

aluminum sliding door kitchen

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