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How can aluminum windows and doors be insulated through the hot summer
Mar 26 , 2020
Generally speaking, the factor that affects windows and doors heat insulation basically has two points: heat radiation and heat conduction.

thermal break aluminum windows and doors

The sunshine time is longer in summer, the sunlight penetrates the glass directly in the room. One part of the thermal radiation can be absorbed or reflected by the glass, the other part is released through the glass in the room and increase the indoor temperature constantly. It is very important to do a good shading for aluminum windows and doors.

double hollow glass windows

1.Shading with curtains

Choose the curtain of shading fabric, match again with shading cloth, also can have very good shading effect. But the disadvantage is indoor if longtime no have sunshine will be harmful to human health.

2.Using glass insulation film

Glass insulation film is a kind of film that sticks on glass surface, this is a economical and practical method. The disadvantage is that the film use time is limited, after long time of using, maybe appear some bubbling, and rolling at corner.

3.Using the Low-E glass

Low-E glass reflects most of the radiant energy, thus transferring less heat to the room. Generally Low-E glass is made into double hollow insulated glass, the coating layer is in the hollow layer, so as to extend its service life.

insulated windows and doors

4.Adopting the thermal break aluminum frame

The frame is the backbone part of the windows and doors , its material sealing and thermal conductivity will also affect the indoor temperature.

At present the thermal break aluminum windows and doors are widely used in the market, and the combination of the double insulating glass can effectively block the conduction of the heat energy. The houses with normal windows and doors are far more electricity than those with thermal break windows and doors.

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