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How to maintain the steel security door?
Mar 02 , 2020

Steel security door is an important tool of family security, many family houses use the steel security door as main entrance door now. A few high security doors have long service life, but also can produce a lot of trouble if you are not pay attention on maintain. So it is very necessary to know how to do it.

steel security doors

1: Surface protective film of security doors

The surface protective film mush be torn off within one month after installation. If the door is exposed to sunlight, should be torn off immediately, otherwise it will cause damage to the paint.

2: Maintenance of the lock cylinder

Please infuse with pencil powder into key-hold then running few times when door open is not flexible. Do not use vegetable oil or lubricating oil otherwise the lock cylinder will be damaged.

main entrance security door

3: Maintenance of the lock point

Check up and down connection lock point and door frame hole for rust. If there is rust phenomenon, you can drop a few drops of oil and then open and close several times.

4: Maintenance of security door surface

The surface of security door should pay attention to prevent hard objects, sharp tools scratch. When clearing use towel, wring dry clearing. Prohibited gasoline, banana water to cleaning.

house steel entrance door

5: Notes for daily use

Please close the door with up and down lock when you go in or go out the door. On the one hand it is to strengthen the anti-thief function, on the other hand the lock is mechanical drive, frequent use can increase lock the running-in degree, make the lock open more easily.

steel security doors

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