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The advantages of tilt turn and hopper window
Feb 15 , 2020

What's tilt turn and hopper window?

Tilt turn and hopper window is inward opening, and open in two ways. Turn the window handle, drive the inside hardware of the window, and make it open and keep on inside inverted state.

aluminum tilt turn window

1: Optimize ventilation performance

When the window tilt inside, indoor not only can natural ventilation, and the point is the air will not blow to the human body directly. Especially when the temperature big difference between indoor and outdoor, it can greatly reduce the risk of people get cold. For the high-rise apartment or empty villa area, the wind is very strong in the spring and autumn, the tilt turn and hopper window makes the exchange of indoor and outdoor air smooth, comfortable and soft.

tilt turn and hopper window

2: Enhanced room security

When tilt inside, the window is open and ventilation. At the same opening station, it is very safe and anti-theft compared with the outside or inside open window. The reason very simple, the theft can even put his hand inside window, but he cannot touch the handle to open it, let alone enter the room !

tilt and turn window

3: Dust proof and rain proof

When the window is inverted inside, the airflow that enter the room will face the glass block first, the dust particle heavier than the air, cannot take a sudden turn, so the dust blocked outside. And rainy day, the rain is falling from the top, even if deflection inside to the room because of wind, also will be blocked outside by glass.

aluminum tilt turn window

4: Easy for cleaning

Live on the second floor above, the owner must have the the following experience for outside opening window: the window is basically no way to clean. When it is open out, even you have long arm but still cannot stretch out of the window. But the tilt turn and hopper window completely not have this trouble, you just need open it inside then can clean easily.

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