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How to choose the wooden door match with room decorations
Feb 05 , 2020

When we choose wooden doors should consider all sorts of performance, such as sound insulation, and color matching issues. Let us talk how to choose the wooden door match with room decorations.

1: match the color with furnitures

wooden doorDecorate wooden door color to match with inside furniture colors, it will come out the unite effect for the whole space.The space will be more harmonious and integrity.

2: close to the floor color

warm color wood door

Choose the wooden door similar color with floor but not exactly the same. Follow this way can avoid ground floor and wooden door in chaos, and increase the level sense of the space. When the color of wooden door is close to the ground, it can visually pull up the whole room.

3: choose the color similar to the wall

Wooden door color also can be similar to the wall color. In general, you can pay attention to the following two points:

choose wooden door

When the wall is cold color mainly, you should choose light color wood door, for example white color or mix white color.

wooden door

But if the wall is warm color relatively, you can choose warmer colors wood door such as: walnut door, teak wood door, rosewood door.

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