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Five opening types for aluminum doors
Jan 15 , 2020

Today we introduce five opening types for aluminum doors, they are: aluminum sliding door, aluminum swing door, aluminum folding door, aluminum AB door, aluminum vertical folding door.

1: Aluminum sliding door in common use in family house. Assembled pulleys on the bottom let the door panel sliding open and close.

aluminum sliding door

2: Aluminum swing door also very common use in house building, widely used in commercial, office, villa etc.

aluminum swing door

3: Aluminum folding door have a significant feature, the door can opening maximum space when folding.

aluminum folding door

4: Aluminum AB door is a new type door opening model, the door can both opening sliding and swing integrated.

Aluminum AB door

5: Aluminum vertical folding door same like horizontal folding door working system, it is can open maximum and not take below space.

Aluminum vertical folding door

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