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Characteristics and working principle of double hollow insulated glass
Nov 13 , 2019

Double insulated glass is a kind of good heat and sound insulated new material, it is beautiful and applicable, also reduce the building weight. It is made of two (or three) pieces of glass, using high strength and high air tightness composite binder, glass plate and containing desiccant aluminum alloy frame bond, assemled to high efficiency insulated glass.

double hollow insulated glass

Insulated glass have many properties superior to ordinary double-layer glass, so it has been recognized by all countries in the world. Insulated glass is a glass product with two or more pieces of glass separated by effective support and sealed by surrounding bond, so that dry gas gap space can be formed between the glass layers. It is main material are glass, aluminum spacer, corner bolt, butyl rubber, sulfur glue, desiccant.

double tempered glass

Insulated glass characteristics:

1: Superior energy saving effect: modern building energy consumption is mainly air condition and lighting. The former accounting for 55% of the energy consumption, and the latter accounting for 23% of the energy consumption. The glass is the thinnest and easiest material for the heat transfer in the external walls of buildings. Insulated glass has a good insulation performance because the desiccant in the aluminum frame keeps the air inside for a long time.

2: High noise insualted: insualting glass can reduce noise by 27-40 decibels. Outside traffice noise of 80 decibels can only be 50 decibels indoors.

double glazed windows and doors

3: Wind pressure strength: the curtain wall mainly bear the wind load, wind pressure resistance has become the main indicator of the curtain wall. The wind strength of insulating glass is 15 times than the single glass.

4. Glass not easy to explode: double hollow glass production method is bonding method, for cold processing, the original glass stress does not change, sealed with elastic material around, glass not easy to explode. So the double glazed windows and doors are most safety choice for building.

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