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security door
How to choose a security door correctly?
Jun 09 , 2020
Every house will contact to security door indispensably when it is decorates. But for most customers, only know the price of the door, other really know nothing. It is very important to understand the security door and choose the right one. This time we are going to talk about how to choose security door correctly.

Basically index about the security door

In fact, the weight and thickness of the door is really not that important. Although these indicators will affect the feel to some extent. But if more than too much, but easy to deform the door.

1: The hardware
Hardware is really important, so much a heavy door hanging on it. If the hardware not good the door easy to deformation. The result is that the door cannot be turned off, or not smoothly on opening and closing.

2: Lock cylinder
The lock cylinder also important. A right choice on lock cylinder can double security the house main door.

security main door

3: Sound insulation

Also need pay attention to the sound insulation of security door. Besides the filled material inside door leaf, the sound insulation strip of door leaf and door frame also very important.

security door

Choose double or single security door

1: Space usage

A double door open will take space of the inside room, while a single door opens outwards without occupying the interior space. Especially for the small interior space room, choose the single security door will be more suitable.

2: Sound insulation

Although double doors take up a little more space, they have one more door will be do better insulation than single door. Double security door will be more beneficial for the customer with high insulation requirements.

steel security door

3: Safety performance

From the security point, double door do one more door than single door, will be also more safety on the security performance.

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