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aluminum windows and doors
How to maintain the aluminum windows and doors?
Dec 14 , 2020

A lot of people like to choose aluminum windows and doors for own houses because of their durability. But after longtime using, they found the items did not rise very apparent improvement effect, then a few people begin to question the durability of aluminum windows and doors. Actually aluminium windows and doors are really with long term service life, this one is absolutely right, it depends on the nature of their raw materials. Then why can appear aluminum windows and doors are not durable case? That's because you didn’t maintain them properly!

aluminum doors

Actually no matter be aluminum windows and doors or any other materials, they are all need to maintain at ordinary times. If this does not do well, the using effect will be discount greatly! Then let's talk about how to maintain the aluminum windows and doors.

1.Gentle use
Usually we do opening and closing the door gently, do not push and pull it too rudely. Solve the opening and closing problems as soon as they are found. Don't settle or procrastinate.

aluminum windows

2.Clean up accumulate ash and water

A lot of aluminum windows and doors have push pull channel, produce ash easily inside this, the switch effect that can affect windows and doors by time grew. Accordingly, we need to clean the ash regularly, if it is inconvenient to operate, can use cleaner to clean groove. Besides accumulate ash, aluminum windows and doors also produces accumulate water easily after rainy day, no matter windows and doors frame or push-pull channels, these are the place that water keeps constantly. We need to wipe in time, otherwise those will produce rust easily.

aluminum windows and doors

3.Oil on a regular basis
The push-pull channels of aluminum windows and doors, fixed position lock bolt, wind holder, ground spring they are all will be easy to produce wear and tear after long time using. So we need add lubricate or oil regularly, will maintain its flexibility!

4.Repair and replacement
It is very important to inspect aluminum windows and doors connection parts regularly, also the sealing wool and glass silicon. These are the key parts of the windows and doors tight sex, firmness, heat preservation, sound insulation and other aspects! If it is fall off or damaged, the repair or replaced should be at once not do any delay.

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