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armoured steel door
The advantages of steel wooden armored doors
Jun 16 , 2020

Steel wooden armored doors are made of steel and wood material, the door panel are fastened with steel plates around ( some are made by welding ). Door frame commonly used steel with wooden surface decoration layer. And the wooden surface can be free of painting or painting treatment.

steel wooden armored doors

The steel wooden armored doors manufacture can use different colors, wood material, even special designs to meet with customer requirements. Then the doors are easy to matched with interior decoration. It is not as cold style as steel doors, so the price more expensive than ordinary steel security doors.

Steel wooden armored doors doing great on anti-theft, strong and durable, decorative, burglar proof and fire protection. Steel wooden armored doors follow the steel security door as the basic core, take advantage of the wooden material plasticity. The door packaged the inside steel door core with wooden material, make the whole door are elegant, both hardness and softness, provide more choices for high-grade customers.

armored steel doors

Steel wooden armored doors advantages:

1: Stable and durable performance, not easy to deformation due to weather changes or prolonged use.

2: Besides the anti-theft function, it also has excellent fire prevention, sound insulation, heat preservation and even bulletproof function.

3: With the friendly appearance of wooden doors and the sturdy nature of steel doors, and the surface wooden panels are easy to replace.

4: Easy to install, doors and frames can be installed in sections according to the construction schedule, which is conducive to the protection of steel and wood armored doors and ensure the construction period.

armored steel security doors

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