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aluminum windows and doors
Different surface treatment technologies of aluminum doors and windows
Aug 12 , 2020
The things with high level of appearance always conquers people's heart.

In modern house decoration design, besides the performance of aluminum doors and windows, the appearance also attract much attention. Beautiful aluminum doors and windows can not only bring the light to the room, but also bring your family a relaxing visual sense.

aluminum doors and windows

In fact, the aluminum doors and windows appearance is associated with their surface treatment technology.

Good surface treatment can enhance the corrosion resistance and weather resistance of aluminum doors and windows, then prolong their service life. And diverse color customization and ever-changing collocation style can also timely cater to the discerning eye of consumers. Let us talk about the different surface treatment technologies of the aluminum doors and windows profile.

aluminum doors and windows


The so-called anodize oxidation is actually an electrolytic oxidation process, In other words, aluminum and its alloys are coated with a layer of oxide film on the surface of aluminum profiles by the action of applied current under the corresponding electrolyte and specific process.

Anodize oxidation is one of the most widely used and successful surface treatment technologies for aluminum alloys. The anodized aluminum profile has the advantages of wear resistance and long service life to some extent, Moreover, the aluminum oxide material with super-strong metal texture looks more high-grade and beautiful, with uniform and consistent color, and is not easy to fade.

anodizing aluminum doors and windows

Fluorocarbon coating

Fluorocarbon coating is a kind of electrostatic spraying and also a kind of liquid spraying. Fluorocarbon spraying is a high-grade surface coating process means, therefore, the quality requirements of the whole process is very strict, and the price is relatively high.

The advantage of fluorocarbon coating is that the color of aluminum profile is moistening and no dazzle sense, weather resistance is stronger. In adverse climate environment and coastal areas it can show a stronger corrosion resistance effect. Its excellent anti - fading, anti - frosting, anti - corrosion and ultra - strong UV resistance is the effect that general coating can not achieved.

Powder coating

Powder coating also belongs to electrostatic spraying, it is use the electrostatic spraying equipment to make the powder coating spray to the surface of the profile. Under the action of static electricity, the powder will be evenly adsorbed on the surface of the profile to form a powder coating. The powder coating is then cured by high temperature baking and becomes the final coating with various colors.

Powder coating aluminum profiles have rich and varied colors and good corrosion resistance. Powder coating is a common surface coating technology used in daily.

powder coating aluminum doors and windows

Wooden grain transfer

Wood grain transfer is based on powder coating or electroplate paint, according to the high temperature heat penetration principle, through heating and pressure, transfer the wood grain texture pattern on the transfer paper or film quickly transfer and permeate to the profiles that have been sprayed or electroplated. Common color like white ash, rosewood, golden oak, teak, etc.

Wood grain transfer printing has the advantages of anti-aging, fading, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, etc. The three-dimensional effect is excellent wood grain texture can replace the traditional wood. Importantly, the clear texture of natural wood grain color can be well satisfied with consumers yearning for natural and peaceful life pursuit.

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