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aluminum windows and doors
What details should notice when buying aluminum windows and doors?
Jul 03 , 2020
1. Wind protection is the most important
Stability is the key factor when windows and doors against wind. Aluminum windows and doors are made of titanium-magnesium aluminum alloy, their strength and rigidity are strong. In the face of strong winds, windows and doors will become a line of security in the home.

When buying aluminum windows and doors, besides the frame design and opening method, glass thickness also important. Generally speaking, double glass will be better sealing than single glass. Standard double glass thickness is 5mm or 6mm, and the heat insulation aluminum strip thickness is 6mm, 9mm and 12mm, 15mm 4 kinds normally.

aluminum windows and doors

2. Water tightness should not be neglected
Good water tightness make the windows and doors keep indoor dry in the face of the storm, no have water leakage trouble. The water tightness of aluminum windows and doors is better than other materials.

Insulated glass is a good choice for aluminum windows and doors, it is effectively sealing because of several layers of glass. Between several layers of glass inside filled with desiccant, so that no moisture and dust in the glass.

aluminum sliding doow

3. Air tight don’t underestimate
Good sealing windows and doors can using double or even three layers of LOW-E glass, plus rubber sealing strip, so that aluminum windows and doors both wind and heat preservation.

In addition to material, the windows and doors opening way also a key factor in sealing. Normally aluminum casement door are good air tightness and water tightness than aluminum sliding door because the material structure design.

aluminum sliding door

When you buying aluminum windows and doors, pay attention to the three points highlighted above, will be get goods quality products.

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