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pivot door
Different types of pivot doors
Feb 26 , 2021
The pivot doors are designed to be simple and modern, provided a wide and generous appearance which perfectly fitted to contemporary architecture.

As an better solution for the main entrance door and front door, the pivot doors are an modern fashion design compare the conventional swing doors and sliding doors.

Wood pivot doors

The wood pivot doors have very good sound insulation because of the solid material. Wood pivot doors can be made of a wide range of wood types. For example Mahogany, Oak, Teak wood and so on. This will be determined by the customer's cost budget and the texture effect of the wood pivot door surface.

wood pivot doors

Wood pivot doors can be used both outdoors and indoors. When used it outdoors, the water insulation and sun protection should be done well. Because the material of wood is qualitative is waterproof and bask in on the performance still by certain lack. Wood interior pivot doors give a space character and warmth. In addition, wood is durable and can be a great insulator and noise canceler.

Aluminum pivot doors

Aluminum pivot doors are mostly made of aluminum alloy material as the door frame, which is mainly inlaid with glass of large area. Usually used in outside entry door, of course, does not exclude the use of partition in some indoor large commercial places.

aluminum pivot doors

Relative to the wood pivot door it has good waterproof performance and anti destructive, glass is all double safety toughened glass. The use of aluminum pivot door will also better save the production cost of the door and improve environmental performance. The disadvantage is that when the size of the door is too large, the weight of the whole door will be heavy because of the glass weight, then for the requirements of pivot accessories will be also higher.

Steel pivot doors

Steel pivot doors are generally pressed by double surface steel, inside hollow or filling sound insulation material. This manufacture way is a good solution to the problem of production cost and finished weight. But due to the limitation of machine suppression and steel plate size, the width and height of the door can not be done very large, so its use will be less than the other two materials of the pivot door.

steel pivot doors

In a word, the pivot doors are a kind of modern door emerging fashion varieties, designers use it in right way will give the design of the house to add great glory.
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