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pivot door
The advantage and disadvantage of the pivot door
Jul 18 , 2020

As people have become more aware of the advantages of the pivot doors, they have become increasingly popular around the world. A pivot door opens and closes by means of a top and bottom pivot accessory. Under certain circumstances, it can enhance the aesthetic feeling of house decoration and make it convenient for people to use. Let us talk about its advantage and disadvantage.

aluminum glass pivot doors

The advantage of the pivot door

The main advantage of the pivot door is that it is supported by a pivot set on the floor, aided by another pivot set at the top of the door. This makes it different from the ordinary door which is the door frame and hinge connection, the door frame needs to support the weight of the whole door. If the door door is very heavy, the door frame is not strong enough, then difficult to maintain the long-term using. If you need a heavy door, a pivot door is a good choice, especially for large aluminum glass pivot doors.

Another advantage of revolving doors is that they don't even need door frames, which means you don't have to do any work on the floors and walls. The door opening by pivot rather than swing, making it easier to open and close, which means it doesn't take up as much space as a hinged door.

aluminum glass pivot doors

Pivots doors often add to the sense of design for the room, and sometimes they can be installed as part of what looks like a wall or flush with it. No matter how you design it, it won't look too abrupt, because it simple and modern. Pivot doors are also increasingly used in showers and bathrooms.

aluminum pivot door

The disadvantage of the pivot door

The biggest disadvantage of pivot doors is that they do not seal as well as traditional doors, such as sliding doors, swing doors and folding doors. But they do provide a basic seal to keep out mosquitoes and insects.

Another reason it is seen as a disadvantage is that it looks too stylish and modern, which may not match some traditional house designs and look quite out of place.

Fortunately we have many other options that not only suit your home decor but also improve it.

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