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aluminum windows and doors
Which one to choose ? Casement window or sliding window ?
Dec 20 , 2021

The house must has doors and windows then can let natural light and wind inside it. However, different window styles can have different thermal insulation effects and then make difference to the house. How to decide use which kind of windows can be suitable for own house? Today will focus on those two kinds of windows: sliding windows and casement windows. We will take both advantages and disadvantages about them.

casement window

The casement window is conducive to ventilation, and the sliding window is convenient to use

Casement window" it is to point to hinge installation on one side of the windows, can make the whole window open inside or open outside. It has the angle changeable characteristic, the opening is arrange to 0-180 degrees. If we adjust the direction of opening then guide air effectively inside, it is can achieve very goods ventilated function.

"Sliding window" is by rails and pulleys, so that the sliding window sash is along the horizontal direction from left to right or right to leaf. Open the way is flexible, do not occupy too much space, and convenient to clean and maintenance, but open the space can only achieve half.

So the “Sliding window” from the ventilation usage for slightly inferior to the “Casement window”.

sliding window

But when the window area is large, it is recommended to use the ”Sliding window”

Due to the “Casement window” connection between the window frame and window sash only by cantilever structure. Its hardware not only need to support the whole piece glass weight, also important to withstand the wind load when sash pushed outward. If you want do a large french window with casement sash, you would be better choose a strong material for the window frame , also the full set casement hardware configuration is very important.

But for “Sliding window” it can be designed to make relatively large windows, because its design stress point is on the track and pulleys, for larger size sash it can also meet the design requirements and can ensure safe daily using.

aluminum casement window

“Casement window” thermal insulation effect is good, but also the price is higher

"Casement window" the window frame all round uses sealing rubber strip, pass squeezing principle will block air to enter and isolate noise. Accordingly, if you pay more attention on the thermal insulation effect, for example you live in the house of big road side, the window should be better use casement window. Because of its design configured many hardware fittings, the price is a little higher. Especially the popular door and window system, average cost is more expensive above the common one.

On the contrary, "Sliding window" cost is relatively cheaper, sealing and thermal insulation is relatively poor. When you use it the heat insulation performance of the house will be worse, and even some areas with much rain will have the possibility of water come inside.

aluminum sliding window

After the analyses, do you know how to choose the window styles? When you choosing need more according to the design of the house and daily needs. The ”Casement window” and “Sliding window” they both have advantages and disadvantages depends on how you going to be use it.

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