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  • What is the feature of top hung windows ?
    What is the feature of top hung windows ?
    Oct 24 , 2020
    There is a lot kind of windows type, and top hung window is one kind of them. The top hung window it is have a side to be fixed above, the window that pushes from below. It is also called awning window, top hinged window, top hung casement window, etc. Features of top hung window 1.Ventilation: The below pushed out space make the room and outside air natural circulation, indoor air fresh, while ex...
  • How to maintain the aluminum windows and doors?
    How to maintain the aluminum windows and doors?
    Dec 14 , 2020
    A lot of people like to choose aluminum windows and doors for own houses because of their durability. But after longtime using, they found the items did not rise very apparent improvement effect, then a few people begin to question the durability of aluminum windows and doors. Actually aluminium windows and doors are really with long term service life, this one is absolutely right, it depends on t...
  • Different types of pivot doors
    Different types of pivot doors
    Feb 26 , 2021
    The pivot doors are designed to be simple and modern, provided a wide and generous appearance which perfectly fitted to contemporary architecture. As an better solution for the main entrance door and front door, the pivot doors are an modern fashion design compare the conventional swing doors and sliding doors. Wood pivot doors The wood pivot doors have very good sound insulation because of the so...
  • Garage door composition and overview
    Garage door composition and overview
    Oct 19 , 2021
    Typically, most people will buy one or two garage doors when they own a home. When you need to replace existing garage doors or carry out repairs, it is necessary to master the basic knowledge of garage doors. This will help you make the right decision when buying a new garage door or repairing an existing one. About the garage door itself, you should pay attention to some important matters: Garag...
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